The inimitable Neil deGrasse Tyson
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Ninja or Hijacker?
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ninja knee

Something to do in your down time, by artist Brock Davis.



Meanwhile in Russia…
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via Theories of the Deep Understanding of Things.
Goodnight Lou, 1942-2013
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“Downy sins of streetlight fancies

Chase the costumes she shall wear

Ermine furs adorn the imperious

Severin, Severin awaits you there.

I am tired, I am weary

I could sleep for a thousand years

A thousand dreams that would awake me

Different colors made of tears…”

~Lou Reed


Uncle Fester’s Wisconsin Meth Revival
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If you’ve followed any history about WWII (or drug culture) you’ve likely come across a story about how the boys in the Wehrmacht were all pumped up on methamphetamine pills as they rolled over Europe, North Africa and into Asia from 1939 to about 1943 when they began to lose steam. The wunder drug, called Pervitin, kept the Reich alert, aggressive, and euphoric as they goose stepped their way to more precious Lebensraum. Later, the troops were clamoring for more of the pills they affectionately called their Panzerschokolade (tank chocolate) and no doubt it aided in their fanatical defense of the fatherland from 1943 onward — if we take the battle of Kursk as a point of no return — until the end, when der Fuhrer, a daily meth user via syringe injection, took his own miserable life in April 1945. German drug companies produced some 35 million pills and with the fall of the Nazi regime the drug dropped into obscurity. But its secrets were not lost.

The recipe to cook meth the way we know it today, was gifted to the world by a Breaking Bad style chemist/madman from Wisconsin who goes by the name Uncle Fester.

Published in the mid 80′s, Uncle Fester’s “Secrets of Methamphetamine Manufacture” revealed relatively easy methods to produce the drug which had been out of reach for decades to all but large West Coast organizations like the Hell’s Angels, according to Spiegel Online. Fester’s cookbook empowered the average wouldbe crank head, who could now brew up a batch of ice using ingredients that were readily available in any pharmacy.

Uncle Fester, whose real identity is one Steve Preisler now in his mid 50′s, lives somewhere in Green Bay (at last check). His book is now in it’s 8th edition.

The Third Reich’s standard issue crazy pill: Pervitin…  Nein, nein, nein, nein!

Side note: Rumor has it that Hitler had special affinity for pastoral Wisconsin, home to places like “New Berlin” and “Germantown,” and whose rural inhabitants continued to speak German over English for decades beyond anywhere else in the States.



The Legacy of George Bush: “Where wings take dream”
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Today’s dedication of the Bush Presidential library in Texas, has the media asking what his legacy will be, once again. For a figure of such global impact as an American President, there is no simple answer — especially where wars that have destroyed the lives of millions are concerned. But in the great U.S. of A. we shouldn’t have to think too long on it.

He didn’t.

OR, if you prefer…

In love with art rock, 1975
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The lights, the melodrama, the pensive, mid point psychedelic break no one in modern music would ever dream of, and that huge polyphonic reverb….

Femen jihad
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Topless Femen activists protest against Islamists in front of the Great Mosque of Paris, on April 3, 2013.

-> The Atlantic.

Mercury. Marriage.
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Dying Iraq war veteran pens Happy Anniversary letter to Bush/Cheney
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Cheney, Bush appear in deeply ironic photo before the National Security Agency, which they used as a cover to engage in a war of choice in Iraq.


To: George W. Bush and Dick Cheney
From: Tomas Young

“I write this letter on the 10th anniversary of the Iraq War on behalf of my fellow Iraq War veterans….

I write this letter, my last letter, to you, Mr. Bush and Mr. Cheney. I write not because I think you grasp the terrible human and moral consequences of your lies, manipulation and thirst for wealth and power. I write this letter because, before my own death, I want to make it clear that I, and hundreds of thousands of my fellow veterans, along with millions of my fellow citizens, along with hundreds of millions more in Iraq and the Middle East, know fully who you are and what you have done. You may evade justice but in our eyes you are each guilty of egregious war crimes, of plunder and, finally, of murder, including the murder of thousands of young Americans—my fellow veterans—whose future you stole.

Your positions of authority, your millions of dollars of personal wealth, your public relations consultants, your privilege and your power cannot mask the hollowness of your character. You sent us to fight and die in Iraq after you, Mr. Cheney, dodged the draft in Vietnam, and you, Mr. Bush, went AWOL from your National Guard unit. Your cowardice and selfishness were established decades ago. You were not willing to risk yourselves for our nation but you sent hundreds of thousands of young men and women to be sacrificed in a senseless war with no more thought than it takes to put out the garbage…..

I would not be writing this letter if I had been wounded fighting in Afghanistan against those forces that carried out the attacks of 9/11. Had I been wounded there I would still be miserable because of my physical deterioration and imminent death, but I would at least have the comfort of knowing that my injuries were a consequence of my own decision to defend the country I love. I would not have to lie in my bed, my body filled with painkillers, my life ebbing away, and deal with the fact that hundreds of thousands of human beings, including children, including myself, were sacrificed by you for little more than the greed of oil companies, for your alliance with the oil sheiks in Saudi Arabia, and your insane visions of empire.

[read the full letter.]


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